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Young Horses – Teaching them to learn

I love when I get the chance to run in to a horseman that has raised and trained young horses for a lifetime. I was at the Saskatchewan Equine Expo this past February and there were horses brought in for … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes with Jonathan Field and Friends

Hello Everyone, ‘ Andrea here – letting you in on some of the preparatory action that’s already in motion for Jonathan Field and Friends this September. ‘ Some of you may remember me, as I worked for Jonathan and Angie … Continue reading

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Jonathan Field Receives Top Honours at the 2014 Road to the Horse International.

An exciting update from the Road to the Horse International! After 3 amazing days of demos and colt starting in Kentucky, Jonathan received the Jack Brainard Best Horseman Award! We are so proud of this prestigious award that was presented … Continue reading

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Getting ready for Road to the Horse!

  People often ask me “What is the biggest challenge with Road to the Horse?”   This is what I find it to be: This is an event that you prepare and plan for a solid year. It’s on your … Continue reading

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Grass: Are you the Leader? Or is the Grass?

Each year, during our camps at the James Creek Ranch, a consistent question comes up during our lessons out in the pastures. With all that beautiful, lush grass, it can be difficult to keep our horses attention on us and … Continue reading

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Jonathan Gets Fit for Road the Horse 2014: With The Help of One Tough Grandma!!

  I am very excited to be heading back to Road to The Horse in Lexington, Kentucky in March 2014! Starting colts is very physically demanding, and when you are doing it in front of thousands of people, over only … Continue reading

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Check out this Documentary about Jonathan!

Last fall a production team, hired by Servus TV (a network owned by Red Bull energy drinks) came out to film a documentary about Jonathan!  They followed us all over and captured some amazing footage of Jonathan and his horses. … Continue reading

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Riding a Comfy Trot from the Ground

We just got home after 2 great weeks of camps at the James Creek Ranch.  The ranch offers so many great opportunities for lessons!   I wanted to share with you a lesson that I demonstrated with this big Irish … Continue reading

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Trailer Safety!

We just wrapped up a Course One Clinic in Victoria, BC.  What a great group of people and horses we had in this course!   One of the topics we talked about this weekend was trailer safety and trailer loading. … Continue reading

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Moving Your Horse’s Shoulders

Easily moving a horse’s shoulders is one of the most common things people struggle with. I want my horses to be really free and supple to move their shoulders, both on the ground and while riding. They might be sticky … Continue reading

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