New Podcast Channel!

Imagine automatically receiving free short snippets of Jonathan Field Horsemanship? Well that time has come!

We have just launched our online Podcast Channel which means it’s becoming easier and easier for YOU to learn horsemanship! Now we know what you’re thinking: What IS a podcast after all?

The most important thing to understand is this: Subscribing to a podcast allows the information to come to you, rather than you constantly checking for updates. So, once you have subscribed to our podcast channel, all you need to do is sit back wait for a new episode to be delivered right to your computer or mobile device. 

  Not only is it available on itunes (and therefore your ipods, ipads and iphones,) It can also be found on your blackberry podcast app!

To learn how to subscribe to our podcast channel via itunes, click here.

 To subscribe via the Blackberry Podcast App, search “Jonathan Field” and follow the instructions on your Blackberry Smartphone.”

 We have just uploaded a new video – “A Warm Up with Wilbur and Jonathan Field” Go to our podcast page to watch

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