A Cameo Appearance

We’ve finally decided on a name for our little filly; Cameo Appearance, Cameo for short. We’d like to thank Diane Armitage and Ritambhara Marylee Tyson for their suggestions to us through our facebook page. They will both receive a printed and signed photo of Cameo as a thank you.

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Cameo was born in mid august, she is very tame and loves people. Up until this point I have intentionally handled her as little as possible, just enough to get her from the stall to the paddock. I will have a lifetime of handling her and so I have enjoyed just watching her play and enjoy herself. Within the next couple of weeks I will start getting Cameo ready for the halter and I will keep you updated. In the mean time, please enjoy these photos taken over the last month. They were taken by my dear friend and professional equine photographer, Robin Duncan.

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One Response to A Cameo Appearance

  1. Caroline Spotted Tail says:

    Love the pic. I too started my colt the same way, and enjoy every chance I get to spend time with him. Just yesterday he followed me around like a puppy.

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