Preparing for Road to the Horse

The last ten months have been a blur! Back in April 2011, I was invited by producer, Tootie Bland to compete in the international Road to the Horse competition taking place this upcoming March. I am so excited and proud to be representing Canada internationally this way. And along side my friend and teammate, Glenn Stewart; it is sure to be a blast!

There are many facets that I have been preparing for in order to be well-equipped for the upcoming competition. One major challenge I’ve been facing along the way has been a pain in the neck- literally! In early 2011, I was rear ended, resulting in a bad case of whiplash. I’ve been nursing my neck back to health these past months while also trying to get in the physical shape I want to be in by March.

And don’t forget the mental demands of the competition! There will be media coverage, a live crowd of roughly 6,000 people, and did I mention a row of judges consisting of some of the top horseman in the world? Whew!

But by far the most important preparation is that involving my equine friend. I need to be completely in the present when I’m with my colt, and deal with what happens in the moment. And as any horse-person would tell you – no two horses are alike! This means preparation started years ago, the first time I started a colt, and every one I’ve started since then has helped me to hone my skills for the upcoming competition.

All in all, I’m greatly looking forward to the competition! I can’t wait to get in the round pen when the announcer says “Go!”

– Jonathan Field

After a draw to determine the order of go, each Road to the Horse contestant will have a chance to watch the remuda and then choose which colt they want to spend the next 4 hours in a round pen with.

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26 Responses to Preparing for Road to the Horse

  1. Gail wade says:

    We are all excited for you Johnathan! You are inspiration to all of us. Thank you and wishing you luck, wellness and safety.
    Best regards,
    Gail Wade

  2. Lois Shaw says:

    Wishing you the best at Road to the Horse, but i also know you will do what is best for the horse that you work with. Hopefully, we will be able to see footage of this event later and please have someone post regular updates as to how you and Glen are doing.
    GO CANADA GO!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    All the best at Road to the Horse – I have every confidence that you will do AMAZING!! You are an awesome person to watch, listen to – an inspiration to many. No doubt at this challenge even you will get butterflies that’s what makes us rise up and do better. Just remember the two things that every instructor, clinician and coach I’ve had the pleasure to work with has told me KISS (keep it simple stupid) and breathe.


  4. Dustine Worbets says:

    Good luck Jonathan. I know you will do great. Win, lose, or draw the colt you choose will have a wonderful human experience. As always, I know you will put the horse first and do whatever is necessary to gain his trust and respect. The horse you choose will truly be the lucky one! Oh….and have a fun time too!! I will be thinking about you……Dusti

  5. Linda says:

    What 5 things can you see in a remuda that tells you something about that horse? I will be at the March clinic

  6. Heather Paton says:

    I am so excited you are going to be in the competition this year .I was there last year and while Pat was awesome the crowd was very “normal” as far as knowing horses. I had not planned on going again but I got my tickets as soon as I heard you and Glenn were going to be there. I think this will be the most fun year ever!
    You will do great!!

    • Robert Ball says:

      Hi Jonathan, just wanted to add my best wishes for a successful competition on your terms. Good luck with your rehabilitation and I hope you are back to 100% for the show.
      Thanks for representing Canada, I cannot think of a better choice.

  7. Dennis says:

    in the end, it won’t be the quantity of things you achieve with your horse, it will be the quality of those things that will speak volumes! your horse may not know it, but all of Canada will be behind you and Glenn! live in the moment , and enjoy every second Johnathan.

  8. julie graef says:

    After seeing you this year in Livermore, Ca. and then hearing that you are going to the Road to the Horse I immediately bought tickets so I could go and cheer you on. I am so excited to see you again and especially in this setting.
    All the very best!
    ps I had a conversation with you about my 4yr mustang I had adopted.

  9. Cindy Lebel says:

    Good luck Jonathan! We are lucky Canadians indeed to have you and Glenn representing our country. Your enthusiasm always fills the arenas where ever you go. I know you will have fun… and will inspire many, as I have been inspired since the first time I watched a demo night a decade ago. Enjoy!

  10. Lynn McTaggart says:

    I am sure all of your equine partners will be with you in spirit. We have no doubts that you will do well and no matter what happens we are all proud of you and your successes. Please take care of YOURSELF. You only have one body to work with and time takes it toll on everything.

    Love you both

  11. Anonymous says:

    Go Jonathan Go!! I wish I could go to Road to the Horse and see you. Having been with you from the beginning, I am so proud of you. You must be excited to be competing agains your mentor Pat. I too, know that you will put the horse first and the one you pick will be the lucky one. All the best, and keep us informed. Thank you for being you.

  12. Lisa Rae says:

    I am thrilled that Canada will be SO well represented! No doubt at all that you and Glenn will do us proud! Have a blast and BE INSPIRED TO INSPIRE!
    Lisa Rae

  13. Its about time the world sees who you are. I studied some of the other competitors horsemanship methods and as well as your’s. I already new you were as great of a horseman as some of these top competitors. What you will give to the horse and the horse people will be remarkable and that’s what really counts. Just being yourself out there will make it easy. As you always do JUST HAVE FUN.


  14. Dana and Becky says:

    Blessings from Connecticut! Went to all your seminars at the Equine Affair and learned so much. If we could be there, my daughter and I would be rooting for you! We are sure you will do great!

  15. Margaret Nippalow says:

    Wishing you all the best of luck and I know you will do fantastic and have amazing results with any horse you work with! I was so excited to hear you and Glenn would be representing Canada at The Road to the Horse! I wanted to try and go when I found out you were there, but unfortunately can’t do it. I will be sure to get this dvd from this event when it is available, I started my boy in 2008 with your techniques and think I have all of your dvd’s!
    All the best and looking forward to your new dvd series!
    Margaret & Cooper

  16. Karen MacGregor says:

    Jonathan Wishing you and your family and your horses that are travelling across the continent, Quincy and Cam a very safe trip down and back. I am sure your two horses will be totally awesome with your amazing talent to demonstrate how you and the horse can inspire crowds of spectators with the amazing connection you have with them.
    Go Quincy Go the Pole Dance is your specialty!

    Enjoy the moment during the big competition…. you are our champion !!!!!
    Karen MacGregor from Langley

  17. I don’t care what country you are from, The horses don’t care what country you are from. I’m just glad to see that people all around the world are seeing how this natural Horsemanship is working for the horse.
    This is going to be a great Road to the Horse with all this special talent that is going to be there. Thankful I’m getting to go….
    Enjoy sharing your skills and helping the horse!

  18. I am thrilled that you are representing Canada Jonathan, you are truly Canada’s best in horsemanship. I am discourage for the fact of the time line as I believe horses are in their own time matrix. Such a competition can mean great sport for the crowds but stressful for the horses. I am sure you realize this and that the greatest horseman reads the horses need for time. But if anyone can possible do it it is you and with the horses welfare at greatest consideration. I will be praying for you, and for your injury. Possible consider obtaining a TENS or muscle stim machine, it has great advantages especially when away from home, like packing a therapist in your pocket.

  19. Jan Carew says:

    As I write, I’m taking a deep breath of gratitude for your presence in my life. Like so many others, I’ve been inspired by your relationship with horses. I celebrate as you shine your light on many others:)
    hugs, Jan

  20. Linda Armagost says:

    I totally agree with Gail Praharenka’s comments. I know you will be a great representative, but also have concerns about the time lines as all your videos and clinics that I have attended exemplify your understanding of each horse’s need to learn at his own speed. You always seem to have the “patience of Job” in dealing with horses, students or the general public and I am concerned that the “time” issue will be your biggest obstacle. I also do not like the set up of trainer’s going in different pens simultaneously, and think the format of Mane Event’s Trainer Challenge is better from a spectator’s point of view. Thanks and good luck Jonathan.
    Linda Armagost

  21. katesense says:

    Go out there and do what you do best, Jonathan! Oh, and have fun too 🙂

  22. Maureen Mulherron says:

    Hi, Jonathan,
    What a lucky bunch of colts – they get to go to Road To The Horse! And they will all be winners. As for Canada, we are blessed with an exceptional team. Go and have fun, Jonathan, doing what you do best – inspiring us all! Wishing you safe travels, there and back again. See you at the Mane Event!
    Maureen Mulherron

  23. Bob Drury says:

    Good morning Jonathan from Ontario. Laura and I are very excited to be able to travel to Mursfreeboro to cheer on our great Canadian team. I have every confidence in the world that you and Glen will do Canada extremely proud. Having been at one of your clinics, gives me an incite into the talent and knowledge that you will be bringing to Road To the Horse. Not to put any extra pressure on our Team Canada !! just to let you know I have a $ 100.00 bet with Tootie that Team Canada will win the competition. Jonathan and Glenn win or lose you guys will always be a tremendous inspiration to all in the horse world.
    Bob and Laura Drury (the well driller)

  24. Janice Ford says:

    Dear Jonathan! It”s the evening before all the fun begins down there in Tennessee and Richard, Luke, James, and I have been thinking of you all along and sending you our very best from Saskatoon! Thankfully, we can web-stream the whole thing so will be with you in spirit. The colt you draw is one lucky youngster! Thank you so much for inspiring all of us! You and Glen have already made us Canadians very proud and we hope you enjoy every minute of Road to the Horse. Wishing you, your family, and the team a great weekend to celebrate fine horsemanship! Janice Ford

  25. Lloyd Reagan says:

    Johnathen you have already won just take the pressure off & do you’re thing.

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