The latest on Jonathan Field!

From Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to Abbotsford, BC, to Columbus Ohio and back again, Jonathan could stand up in front of an airplane full of people and give the “safety speech” himself! There sure has been a lot of flying lately, but with a spring season full of clinics scheduled, Jonathan has traded in his wings for wheels and hit the pavement for Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Having just completed his 16th Mane Event Expo, this time in Red Deer, AB, Jonathan was thrilled to compliment that achievement with the release of his latest DVD series. This third installment to his Home Study DVD program is just as full of knowledge as the last two DVD sets. Titled ‘The (Re)Start is Everything,’ it covers Jonathan’s entire starting under saddle process. Not only is it designed for the un-started horses, its also for the horses who have been started, but have holes in their foundation. (To read more and see a preview clip of each DVD, click here)

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Now get out there and ride, your horses are waiting! Don’t forget to stay “Inspired By Horses”

-Jonathan Field Team

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2 Responses to The latest on Jonathan Field!

  1. Trevor Beaudry says:

    I saw you at the mane event in Red Deer and will be at your clinic this weekend in Spruce Grove .

  2. Ritambhara Tyson says:

    , Do you have any recent photos of Cameo? Would love to see her now. She’s a year isn’t she?

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