Spring Camps!

The first round of camps at the James Creek Ranch were a huge hit! With students trailering in from Alberta and all over British Columbia, it was great once everyone arrived and settled in. Both the Course 2 and Course 3 Camps were 5 days long, just enough horse-time for all of the students to make solid progress with their horses.

The mornings started off with in-depth theory sessions on the sunny porch of the lodge. Jonathan will often have demonstrations with his own horses at this time to put his lessons into action. He had a couple of great liberty sessions with Cam, his Andalusian stallion, as well as an awesome demo with Cameo, (who is now almost a year old!) Then, everyone grabs their horses and heads to the 20 acre pasture for a morning of exercises and ground work lessons.

After a well-deserved lunch break, everyone saddles up and spends the afternoon riding in the pasture and out on the trails surrounding the ranch. It was a real testament to to Jonathan’s ‘Purpose’ driven horsemanship program when the students of the Course 3 Camp used a steep up-hill logging road to get the short flexion in their horses that they were looking for. Now that is something you can’t do in an arena!

All in all, the camps were a huge success.  A big thanks to all of our students who came out to the James Creek Ranch this spring. Fall camps start in September, we hope to see you then!

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