A Day at the Ranch




Last Sunday we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of The Virtue Foundation’s “A Day at the Ranch”, put on by my good friend Danny Virtue.




Established by Danny Virtue in 2002, The Virtue Foundation is a not for profit organization whose primary objective is to raise awareness for children who are physically, mentally or financially challenged. The Foundation is involved in charities, community services and fundraisers throughout the year.





‘A day at the Ranch’ invites patients from the Surrey Memorial Hospital renal program and their families, to come out for a day of live entertainment, celebrity guests and a barbecue lunch.





Year to year, you never know what you’re going to see! From stunt artists flying through the air to police dogs showing off their skills, the occasional explosion, or maybe even a bear will show up!  I am so proud to have been a part of this event over the last 5 years.  



It’s not a party if nobody gets set on fire!


Jonathan and Danny addressing the crowd on their good looking horses!




Behind the scenes, Jonathan and Hal wait to welcome the kids to the Ranch.


Any ideas what is about to happen here?


As usual, Hal is always a crowd pleaser!


Who knew what a bear will do for a couple of grapes!


Kids, don’t try this at home!


To Learn more about the Virtue Foundation , visit  www.virtuestudioranch.com/foundation 

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