2012 Year in Photos

Wow!  What a year it has been!  Here is a photographic journey through 2012.


Weston, Jonathan, and Mason enjoying a snowy day in January


Miles Kingdon, cowboss of the Quilchena Ranch, watches while Jonathan starts a colt in preparation for Road To The Horse


Glenn Stewart and Jonathan during opening ceremonies at Road to the Horse in Murfreesboro, TN


Forward and free…at this point the colt had only 4 hrs training!


Jonathan’s colt was extremely sensitive and took a good look at all the obstacles in the final course.  Jonathan kept this colt’s best interest in mind as he guided him through the course.  We were all so proud of both Jonathan and his colt!


Team Canada: Jonathan and Glenn Stewart, with Jonathan’s son Weston! We are so proud of Glenn and Jonathan and how well they represented Natural Horsemanship for Canada.


This was a special moment for Jonathan to be along side his friend and mentor Pat Parelli. It was the first time they had seen each other in five years and they picked up as if they had not missed a day. Pat did an amazing job with his colt.


(left to right) Jonathan, Glenn Stewart, Craig Cameron, Pat Parelli, Guy McLean, Dan James. Congratulations to all the guys for a job well done!

(Re) Start Series cover

We released the Start is Everything DVD series. It’s an in-depth home study program on starting or re-starting horses under saddle. It was so well received it sold out of the introductory offering!


In February, we held a mini clinic at the Field Horsemanship Centre.  How cute?   Rufio, the little guy we adopted and retrained from Pipsqueak Paddocks found a home with Steve and Kathy Adams in Washington. We are so glad Rufio found such a great home!  


A break along the trail at the James Creek Ranch Camps during one of the rides out.


The pathways around the James Creek Ranch made an ideal setting to learn some long-lining skills.


What a beautiful place to stop for a picture! September’s Purpose Camp students enjoy an afternoon trail ride.



Purpose Camp


Hitting the trail


At camp we spent the evening listening to Hugh McLennan’s wonderful songs and cowboy stories. Thanks Hugh and Billie! 


This was intentional! During the Course Three Camp in the spring, Jonathan talked about flexion and engagement.  He used Quincy to demonstrate, and then took it a step further and started having fun as he jumped Quincy up a hill on his hind legs! Wow…and to think this use to be Quincy’s biggest fault. Go Quincy! 


A film crew followed Jonathan around for a few weeks in the fall to shoot footage for an episode of a Red Bull owned Austrian TV show. They are doing a series of documentaries around the world and they picked Jonathan and his horses for one episode. We’ll keep you posted when it airs. 


Hal and Quincy did amazing with the Helicopter above. Thanks to Fred Fandrich for his piloting skills and sensitivity to the horses. Liz had an amazing ride as the helicopter buzzed around the Ranch.


The film crew documented as Jonathan spent a day starting Shannon, a special horse, seen in the dvd “Triple Play,” who survived a lightening storm that killed her mother.


Danny Virtue, Jonathan’s good friend and Shannon’s owner. In just one day Jonathan started her for the film crew in an open pasture with 50 other horses, then took her for a nice ride amongst them. It was neat to see the other horses looking at Shannon showing off her first rider.


 This fall the Vancouver Police sent out two officers from its mounted unit to learn Jonathan Field Horsemanship. Conrad and Susan did a great job and it was such a pleasure to have them at the clinic in their full uniform.


Uh oh! When the Vancouver police arrest the horseman they take the horse as well. Poor Hal!


Hank McEwan, master farrier shoeing Noel. We are so lucky to have Hank and Susanna at the James Creek Ranch, looking after it like it was their own.


Jonathan and his horses put on amazing clinics and demos to standing room only crowds at this year’s Chilliwack Mane Event.


Jonathan and Quincy had a stunning performance at the Mane Event’s Saturday Night Show. How far Quincy has come! Full video to release here on the blog soon.  


Noel found an amazing partner for the next chapter of his life with Carol Price in Prince George, BC. He was a part of our family here for 2 years and we’re so happy to pass him on to such a loving home. 

This Oct Jonathan Field Horsemanship was presented to the vet students and staff at the Calgary University. This is the 3rd year Jonathan has taught his program at the university.


Don’t let it get to your head cowboy! Livermore, CA


We had Bert the camel visit a clinic in Norco,CA. Thanks to his handler Nancy Fite. There were some pretty wide eyes in that arena! Bert is the worlds highest ranking law enforcement Camel. Who knew?

Hang on!


A trip to ‘Zebras R Us’ with Dominique Ferraro. A great field trip day for Weston.


Happy holidays from all of us here at Jonathan Field Horsemanship. We look forward to seeing you in 2013!

We’ve got another Great Year Planned for 2013 – Don’t forget to Subscribe to the blog to hear the news as it happens!

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One Response to 2012 Year in Photos

  1. digilass says:

    Congratulations on an awesome 2012! Looking forward to meeting you at CanAm in 2013.

    Best wishes to you & your family! and have a Happy Christmas and the Merriest New Year 🙂

    Heather Baskey
    Rockwood, Ontario

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