Jonathan Gets Fit for Road the Horse 2014: With The Help of One Tough Grandma!!


I am very excited to be heading back to Road to The Horse in Lexington, Kentucky in March 2014!

Starting colts is very physically demanding, and when you are doing it in front of thousands of people, over only 3 days… well, lets just say you don’t want to go into it fresh off the couch!

Staying fit has always been important to me, but I am making an extra effort in preparation for Road to the Horse.

A student, and good friend of mine, Lynn McTaggart was recently up at the James Creek Ranch during the “Purpose Camp”. Lynn, at 68 years young, is a grandmother now, and an inspiration to us all! She ranks in the top 20 in the world in her category in the Cross Fit Training program, and is also the oldest in her category!

Even with a long day in the saddle during the camp, Lynn still managed to get in a workout each day. I was thrilled to have Lynn take me through a short workout, giving me some great exercises that are helpful for all riders! I really encourage riders to find ways to stay fit and strong – It really helps with posture, balance and becoming an active rider for our horses. Try these exercises at home! (Well, maybe not the first one)

Take care and Stay Inspired by Horses!


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2 Responses to Jonathan Gets Fit for Road the Horse 2014: With The Help of One Tough Grandma!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Luck in Road to the Horse, and don’t under estimate us Grandma’s!

  2. Jonathan, I LOVE your philosophies, your life story and most especially the way you honor the horses. When I started to read this e-mail I thought it would validate my feelings of being insecure about my age (62) and how I can no longer achieve my dream of being fit enough to work with my horses (5) who could all use training and/or daily or more regular workouts. When I kept reading, I realized the gift you sent in telling us about Ms. McTaggart, her fitness at her age, and her participation in riding then workouts! Surely this is an inspiration to keep going and not give up. I send blessings for you on “The Road to the Horse”. I’ll be there in spirit and hopefully to see videos afterward.

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