Grass: Are you the Leader? Or is the Grass?

Each year, during our camps at the James Creek Ranch, a consistent question comes up during our lessons out in the pastures.

With all that beautiful, lush grass, it can be difficult to keep our horses attention on us and away from the feast in front of them!

There are many times that I allow my horses to graze.  I often enjoy spending quality time with them, hanging out while they eat grass. There are other times when I want them to stay focused on me.  Here is a short video showing how I teach my horses a cue to tell them to stop eating grass and connect back to me.   The important thing is that I want it to be my horses idea to refrain from the grass rather then my job to hold them off it.  By trying to hold the horse and prevent them from eating, the horse will respond by rooting the rope and bracing against us in order to get to the grass.   If we allow this to happen, this brace and disrespect will trickle in to many other areas, including riding. Like with many issues, it is important how we deal with each behaviour so that the respect and communication remains at a high level.

Hope you enjoy this video and get one more idea for your tool box!

Stay Inspired by Horses


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One Response to Grass: Are you the Leader? Or is the Grass?

  1. Excellent! I take my new horse out from a worn down pasture so we can walk together and he can eat, sort of like bonding. But I have been worried about how to ask politely for him to stop or move to a new area. I knew that I could be creating a problem in case I want to ride or do other exercises with him. Now I know what to do so we can both have what we need. Thank-you Jonathan. You make it so clear.

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