Getting ready for Road to the Horse!

People often ask me “What is the biggest challenge with Road to the Horse?”
This is what I find it to be: This is an event that you prepare and plan for a solid year. It’s on your mind daily from the second Tootie Bland the producer, tells you “you’re in!”
Then, at the moment you walk in with the colt, you mustcompletely let go all that planning and be fully present with the horse that’s in front of you. And in that instant begin to build a new plan. Of course there’s no pressure! 8000 people, 5 judges, TV cameras and a horse you have never met that is completely untrained. 
The biggest challenge is to accept that moment fully and think about only what matters. It’s actually quite exciting and personally challenging. I love it!! 

I look forward to when I am asked “Are you ready?” and I get to open the gate and walk in to get started. 

This event is an amazing full production weekend that raises the bar on any horse event. 
Hope to see you there! 




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2 Responses to Getting ready for Road to the Horse!

  1. Cathy Walsh says:

    You have the skill to know what to do we all know that! Wish Russ and I could be there!

    Cathy Walsh

  2. Dale Bolen says:

    Best of luck , Jonathan! I know your horse will be glad he got you!

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