Jonathan Field Receives Top Honours at the 2014 Road to the Horse International.


An exciting update from the Road to the Horse International!

After 3 amazing days of demos and colt starting in Kentucky, Jonathan received the Jack Brainard Best Horseman Award! We are so proud of this prestigious award that was presented to Jonathan by Mr. Brainard himself. He is considered a living legend and one of the most respected horsemen in the world today.


Jonathan just wouldn’t be Jonathan if he wasn’t attracted to the sensitive and skeptical type of horse. So he ended up picking a very challenging horse to work with in the short timeline. He named him Mojo because he had lots of it! Mojo is a beautiful, intelligent and quick learner that needed a bit more time to trust. Jonathan set the foundation on the first day and made huge progress from there. After each rest period Mojo came back more trusting and looking to Jonathan for leadership. Taking time by preparing Mojo on the ground was well worthwhile to earn his trust. It was very exciting to see how far this colt came in such a short period of time.

Said media pass holder Dianne Garnett Killen after Jonathan was presented with his award:

No one could argue with the choice! You brought along a skeptical, challenging and quick minded horse, and you never sacrificed the horse for the show. Another trainer might have pushed to make something happen, but you let the horse trust you to make good choices.”


Beyond the colt starting aspect of the Road to the Horse, it was a wonderful show for Jonathan Field Horsemanship. The addition of clinics and shows with Hal and Quincy inspired the audience, brought some to tears and even received a standing ovation! A special weekend all around!

There are actually four winners at the Road to the Horse. All the contestants did a fantastic job with their colts. Canada was well represented with Jonathan receiving the Jack Brainard award and James Anderson bringing it home with his points for the World Championship title.  Congratulations to James for making it all the way from the Wild Card Competition through to the Championship! Australia and Switzerland were also exceptionally well represented by Dan Steers and Antoine Cloux.

Congratulations to Tootie Bland and her whole team for putting on an event that sets the bar for excitement, production and professionalism.

DSC_0113Also thanks so much to our dear friend and pen wrangler Bruce Logan for coming to Kentucky to assist Jonathan with his success. It was a team effort all around!

Stay Inspired by Horses

Jonathan Field Horsemanship Team


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One Response to Jonathan Field Receives Top Honours at the 2014 Road to the Horse International.

  1. Julie Hunter says:

    Fantastic! This makes my day!

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