Behind the scenes with Jonathan Field and Friends

Hello Everyone,
Andrea here – letting you in on some of the preparatory action that’s already in motion for Jonathan Field and Friends this September.
Some of you may remember me, as I worked for Jonathan and Angie for a while about four years ago (Angie is my sister).  Well, I am back on the team for the time being to help get everything ready for Jonathan Field and Friends, and wanted to update you all on where we’re at:
In case any of you are unsure and are asking “Just what is Jonathan Field and Friends going to be about?”, don’t let the ‘International Horsemanship Education Conference’ part of the title scare you.  Yes, it will be educational, but you will not be spending two days in an overly bright arena with a notepad on your lap while Jonathan and friends drone on about horse confirmation and your husband begins to snore in the seat next to you.  Because there will also be horses there – trained ones and not so trained ones.  Tacked horses and horses with no ropes.  Definitely some music and maybe a little dancing (if Nathan gets REALLY in to his role…we can hope!).
Let’s put it this way, we’re putting together some horsemen, a can’t-get-much-higher-level-than-him Show Jumper/Coach, a World Champion Reiner, a Cutting Horse Trainer, the host of the SuperDogs show and a bunch of unpredictable & FAST four legged prey animals.  There are bound to be both entertaining and educational moments born of the mix.  The trick is to find a healthy balance of the two.
It’s being held in a brand new building in a beautiful and friendly city, there will be a bit of shopping (yay!), autograph signing, and the concession will be open – so bring a bit of cash and a Sharpie in your favourite colour.
As you know, the venue is booked.  Jonathan himself spent many hours sourcing the right location that met with the vision he has for this event.  And the Agrium Western Event Centre does not disappoint!  It’s pretty special that we were able to book Jonathan Field and Friends as one of the first events in this brand new venue, and definitely the first of it’s kind.  If you’re in the Calgary area, the Calgary Stampede is putting on an Open House Event this Saturday, June 21 from 11:00 – 2:00 to show off the new building.  There will be free BBQ for the first 5,000 guests as well as free entertainment and family activities.  Go check it out and let us know what you think!
Angie and I are currently working on getting the word out there about the event:
 – I am scouring the internet, looking for on-line Event Calendars to post the show on.  I’ve found a few, but if you know of any I may have missed, please shoot me an email at
 – The first wave of Posters has gone out to clinic hosts, barns, Lammle’s locations, and all of the EXTREMELY HELPFUL people who have volunteered to put a few up in their areas.  Thank you so much!  There is no possible way we could cover as much ground on our own.  There are more posters on order, so if you’ve volunteered and haven’t received them yet, they are coming!  If you’re looking for ideas of where to put the posters besides the obvious barns, feed stores and tack stores, here are a few suggestions:  Post Offices, multi-address mail boxes, General Store windows, Recreation Centre bulletin boards, Community Bulletin Boards, take a picture of the poster and Instagram it or add it to your FaceBook wall.
Speaking of Social Media, with your help we can get this arena filled!  Like us on Facebook (Jonathan Field and Friends), Instagram (jonathanfieldhorseman) and Twitter (@jonathanfield_ ), talk about it if you’re excited to go, ‘cause we’re very excited to have you there.
We are coordinating upcoming contest details with Canadian Horse Journal.  Watch for this one in the Canadian Horse Journal Magazine, on-line at and on FaceBook and Twitter.
Jonathan and I are laying out a booth map for the vendors that will be setting up booths at the show.  Yay shopping!
I have begun work on cover design for a brand new DVD set that will be released at the show.  As a matter of fact, I just watched the first draft of a trailer we’re working on.  I don’t ride myself, but the trailer totally made me want to see more.  I can’t tell you too much about it at this point, but I will say that it was very interesting to see a snippets of Jonathan in a slightly nervous student role.
That’s it for now.  Thank you for taking the time to read and I will update again as we progress.


Jonathan Field and Friends poster

Jonathan Field and Friends poster

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2 Responses to Behind the scenes with Jonathan Field and Friends

  1. Dale Bolen says:

    So excited! Can’t wait!

  2. Cathy Walsh says:

    Welcome back Andrea!!

    Cathy Walsh

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